„EXAKTER®“ - The name says it all

Structural timber is good, EXAKTER® is better. So what is it that distinguishes EXAKTER® from other products? It is cut with millimeter precision according to the customer’s desires, and we deliver EXAKTER® individually as a list without waste. You receive and pay for exactly the structural timber you need and ordered. In contrast to the optimization of KVH® cut from off-the-shelf wares or system lengths, EXAKTER® has a quantitative saving potential of up to 20% - a comparison that pays off. You receive your delivery ready for timber framing for the processing carpenter, cut to exact fixed lengths upon request, each building component with front side identification and packing slip, professionally packed. Laborious sorting, restacking or even searching for timber as a building component is a thing of the past with EXAKTER®. Because we know that building delays always cause additional costs. With EXAKTER®, you can save twice: no waste, no expenditure of time for manipulation. Lengths of up to 14m and more than 60 cross sections are at your disposal - but the best thing is: with EXAKTER®, Holz Ruser offers exactly what makes the work of owners, planners and architects a lot easier.


You can rely on our brand

With EXAKTER®, you’re always on the safe side. With us, you can rely on exactly cut and packed products. We are always looking to exchange views and work closely together with architects, engineers and the carpentry industry because we know that both sides will benefit from it. Because we know the requirements from practical work, we have developed EXAKTER® as a modern answer to questions from modern timber construction. With EXAKTER® from Holz Ruser, a clearly defined raw material with quality assured characteristics that meets all technical as well as building inspectorate rules is at architects’, planners’ and owners’ disposal - combined with our reliability and service focus, this is the ultimate solution among modern wood building materials.

Trust is good, Holz Ruser is better

It is our aspiration to surpass DIN norms and ensure a complete documentation system, consistent control and even higher product quality.


We are fully convinced of the advantages of KVH® and therefore invested a lot in modern production plants over the past years. But we weren’t content with a high standard. Holz Ruser doesn’t make do with producing KVH® in compliance with DIN norms. Our own aspirations go further: we want to surpass DIN norms and offer a complete documentation system for customers and business partners, consistent control and higher product quality. Therefore, it is only consistent for our company to work with the Organization for the Quality Control of Solid Structural Timber and dedicate itself to verifiable quality.


In November 2006, we compiled a completely new production line from the best components in our works. Controlled by our own efficient computer system, we can produce according to list like barely another supplier. The processed timber is from our own production or is purchased according to strict quality criteria. In a 180 meter long, air conditioned hall, more than 60 different cross sections up to 160x280 mm and system lengths of up to 14.00 m can be produced, also cut down to the millimeter to fixed lengths. KVH® can be packeted ready for timber framing and commissioned without waste in the exact requested quantities. With a front side identification and a detailed packing slip on the foiled delivery, Holz Ruser once again shows how service-oriented we react to the individual customer’s desires.



Our dimensions for Exakter KVH

Of course other dimensions can be produced upon request

Guaranteed quality

KVH® is a standard-conforming and quality-tested product with clearly defined characteristics. It is produced according to strict criteria with a huge dimensional diversity.


The characteristics of KVH® were agreed on under associations agreement by The Association of the German Sawmill and Wood Industry and the Federation of German Master Carpenters in the National Association of the German Construction Industry in 1994. This was preceded by extensive investigations and practical tests in order to test the right raw material, processing, sorting and drying. The wood has a defined size accuracy thanks to an almost paned surface and a maximum wood humidity of 15% (+/- 3%). It stays dimensionally stable and exact, twisting and cracking are reduced by a lot. Through technical drying and the resulting low wood humidity, infestation with fungus or insects can be mostly avoided and the wood does not require chemical protection as long as constructive circumstances are being paid attention. KVH® stays a natural product despite its complex processing. The high product quality exceeds the requirements of German and European norms.

Many reasons for EXAKTER KVH®

Efficient, custom-made in exact quantities, ready for timber framing, easy to process - KVH® is the ideal material for future-oriented building.


Renewable resource, domestic woods without chemical wood protection, ecological and complete sanitary harmlessness - these are the qualities no other building material has and are highly appreciated by responsible planners and future house inhabitants. But KVH® is not only ecological but also very efficient. KVH® convinces architects, carpenters and owners: efficient, custom-made in exact quantities, ready for timber framing, easy to process - the ideal material for future-oriented building - especially for energetically optimized houses or the building of passive houses.