Technical drying takes place in electronically controlled drying chambers in which almost any desired target moisture may be reached. The drying process is monitored and regulated through certain measuring points in the wood that are connected to the control with an electronic evaluation.

Heat treatments with a certificate and registration number for exporting, e.g. to China, Australia/New Zealand and USA/Canada, are also possible. Our packaging for this is in compliance with the IPPC standard (www.ippc.int).

Planing and equalising

Industrial processing of the raw material wood today is mostly automated and contains the use of precision technology. The sorting after planing ensures consistently good quality. The right profile can be made for every intended purpose. We plane/chamfer timber and other assortments up to 300 x 400 mm width and 13 m length.



Some of our impregnation processes are bath impregnation on salt base (free of heavy metals) and high pressure impregnation.