Certified quality in production

Impressively stable, flawless connections through constant strict quality control.

KVH® is not only cut from timber, but in order to reach large lengths and impressive stability is also connected from several elements. By finger-jointing (DIN 68140-1; EN 385), Holz Ruser can connect timber up to a length of 14.00 m in a force-fitting manner. After the milling directly followed by the glueing the longitudinal pressing begins with a force of up to 400 kN without loosening the restraint of the timber in between. This ensures a precise stringing and clean fit of the two front sides of the timber while avoiding mismatched or damaged tines. The glueing is made with a solvent-free, toxicologically harmless glue. The application of the glue is constantly controlled by a surveillance camera. The results are stable, faultless connections ensured by constant, strict in-house and external quality control. Since 2 September 2008, Holz Ruser also has an additional certificate to emphasize the high quality: the SKH-KOMO product certificate, no. 33111 according to BRL 1704-01 „Keilgezinktes Holz für tragende Anwendungen“. Therefore, the Premium KVH® Exakter® also comply with the requirements of the Dutch building code.

Structural timber and DIN 1052

According to DIN 1052:2008-12 „Design of timber structures - General rules and rules for buildings“, the possibilities of preventive structurally constructive wood preservation are to be prioritized. By installing kiln dried timber - such as KVH® - we accommodate this demand.

The wood humidity has a significant influence on the characteristics of the wood and wood components - on its strength, size accuracy, dimensional stability and durability and therefore on the quality of the entire construction. For service classes 1 and 2, i.e. the use in the dry and moisture range, DIN1052 allows a maximum of 20% of humidity upon installation. Additionally, this norm and DIN 18334 „carpentry and timber construction“ recommend a humidity content of the timbers that approximately complies with the later annual mean value in accordance with the usage. KVH® can easily meet these standards with a guaranteed wood moisture content of 15 +/- 3%. An additional split-heart cutting in KVH® limits shrinkage cracks and changes in dimensions that have - besides the aesthetic quality - important technical reasons. Therefore a general limitation of shrinkage cracks is necessary in order to ensure the supportability according to European norms. Modern timber construction requires high precision, exact connections for the building products and, when using certain connection means and fittings, a high size accuracy. It is also the indispensable condition for the use of modern timber framing methods. It is a convincing strength of the quality product KVH® to allow handicraft businesses efficient timber framing.