In-house brand for best quality

On our fully automatic timber framing plants we produce your cutting from carport to roof truss precisely and reliably.

With the help of a CAD software system specifically created for timber construction, we take care of the work preparation for you. Parts lists, detailed drawings and 3D drawings are only a few of the services we offer for a more efficient processing of the corresponding construction project.


We can also process more complex roof constructions with little expenditure of time. By joining the traditional skills of the carpentry business with engineer-related timber construction we can optimally exploit the specific characteristics of the raw material wood. Timber joints, connecting elements made of steel and fastening elements are efficiently included in the construction and given out on detailed lists. Of course we also assume your work preparation via e-mail. The delivery of the timber framed timber takes place promptly with our own lorries directly to the construction site. Unloading takes place by crane, with a four way side loader or a top out crane.


Among our services are also all additional work and the supply of various products in all aspects of machine production. Roof trusses, contractions for hydraulic engineering and construction elements for wood framework top off our services.


10 good reasons for RUSERABBUND
  • works planning

  • static and construction drawings

  • work preparation, building components made from steel

  • connecting elements

  • approved dovetail joints

  • prefabricated building components

  • cleat pre-montage

  • joist hanger pre-montage

  • unloading by crane or four way side loader on site

  • delivery on fixed dates

RUSERABBUND. Fast. Precise. Masterly.

We call quality by its name

Put your trust in Ruser-Abbund, our in-house brand for precise timber framing.


Fast production

precise processing

masterly quality


With Ruserabbund you will save time, money and nerves. Are there any better arguments? The optimal use of the valuable raw material reduces the waste to a minimum and convicts efficiently and ecologically. Think about where time and capital may be used more efficiently. We are certain that the outcome will be in favour of our products. Working with Ruserabbund means to work with reliable sizes. Because next to the high-quality products, clear and transparent calculations are one of our best qualities. You can count on us - without fuss or quibble. Have we convinced you? Feel free to ask us any further questions you may have.

Timber framing machine K2I

Our state-of-the-art timber framing machine „k2i“ offers an almost limitless diversity of possibilities in fully automatic timber processing.

It enables us to offer you a comprehensive range of services in the area of timber framing. The machine works completely free of tear outs, so we can of course offer you visible constructions as well.


Range of functions

5-axis universal mill

Our k2i has a 5-axis milling unit that makes the milling of rising birds mouths and oblique drillings possible with the help of an additional inclination axis. Scalloping and deflating can be produced without waste. The advantage of the 5-axis mlil is especially visible with the conical dovetail joint that is being used more and more. Only with the help of the new 5 axis mill is it possible to produce timber joints as complicated as conical dovetail tenons on rafter assembly pieces efficiently. Dovetail joints can be produced in any angle and inclination.


4-axis universal mill

3 different tools can be mounted on the universal mill at once: for the milling of tenons and mortises, half laps, profiles, birds mouths, dovetail joints etc. we have a cylindrical cutter, an end mill and a dovetail cutter at our disposal.


Under-table swing chop saw

The under-table swing chip saw of our k2i carries out all kinds of saw cuts such as rafter, witches, pruning and mitre cuts in any angle, any inclination and any length fully automatically and down to the millimeter. Blocking grooves can be processed in any width and any angle.



The drills are guided directly along the building component in a turret boring bush. This drill is especially used for the drilling of rafter nail drillings. For larger drilling diameters, we have a power unit with better performance and a hydropneumatic feed.


Ink marking system

With the help of the ink marking system, the building components are labelled with the informations on file in the EKP fully automatically.



With the help of the marker, the building component can be labelled and be endowed with inclined cracks on the fence side.


Slurry injector guided

For the slotting, the sword is fixed fully automatically on the operator side and the timber is guided lengthwise which minimizes the processing time. Even hidden slots as well as the function of piercing are possible.