Timber - natural construction material

There is barely another raw material that is able to evoke so many emotions. Many people focus on the interests of forests as a natural habitat. And many people wish for the use of timber as a natural raw material in their immediate environment, in house building and in their apartment.

A contradiction?

No. Both rational and emotional reasons are in favor of timber. As a raw material, timber impresses with its broad range of applications. It makes for a comfortable room atmosphere and creates a cozy, healthy and very aesthetic flair. The use of timber in house building is indispensable - from an ecologic point of view, it is unrivaled. Timber is the only construction and raw material that is able to regenerate by itself.

Timber requires little energy for extraction, processing and installation. Timber impresses with its positive CO2 balance. According to the results of the second National Forest Inventory, Germany is in the possession of a current timber stock of 3.4 billion cubic meters on a forest area of 11.1 million ha. 29% of the growth are being saved, i.e. there is a lot less wood extracted than is growing again. The growth is bigger than the use. The supply of wood in harmony with nature is possible. But is the use of this natural resource completely harmless? As a wood-processing company, we are also asking the critical questions and are well aware that many kinds of wood are being overused and through the exploitation of rain forests complex ecological cycles are being put in danger. Therefore we don’t only plead for but also practice a reasonable use of a renewable domestic raw material. Guaranteed.


As one of the most modern sawmills…

…in Germany, Holz Ruser stands for innovation, progress and quality.

We offer our customers from the areas of timber trade, construction and industry products cut to size as well as system solutions for further processing.

From construction timber to timber for stocks to structural timber we manufacture our products according to the principle of flexible production that is customized for the individual customer. We think of ourselves as a full-range supplier for all of the construction area.



Cutting technology

At Holz Ruser, the flexible cutting of around 180,000 solid cubic meters of spruce takes place on two fully automatic computer-controlled saw lines that are provided with cut-offs in an online procedure from a log yard.


The variable cutting technology on two saw lines enables Holz Rüser to offer a broad product range. Producing in dimensions of 3 x 10 cm up to 40 x 40 cm in the lengths of 2.5 m up to 13 m is no challenge for us.